Where to Start?

We understand that it might be overwhelming to navigate many resources available at Innercraft during your first two weeks on the platform. To help you get the most rewarding experience out of it, we have created recommendations to get you started based on other practitioners’ feedback and teacher suggestions.

Starting your Journey

  • We recommend starting with the Teacher Page and then accessing the individual teacher pages to learn more about their path, tradition/method, and teaching approach. This should give you an initial sense of who might be a good fit for you
  • Even though you might not see fit with some teachers, we still suggest completing a few initial lessons of their Video Courses and experimenting with at least one of the practices they teach. Sometimes the practices or teaching styles that we avoid or dismiss the most are the ones holding the deepest transformative potential
  • We also recommend joining their Live Training Events. Each teacher offers one monthly Live Workshop, and one Live Q&A, which are included in your membership. Please take advantage of them.
  • In addition, we have conducted Podcast Episodes with our teachers in which we discussed the approach to select teachers, tradition/method, and practice. Please listen to the first two episodes to get guidance on how to navigate different teachers and practices
  • Finally, whenever you want a quick view of the latest video courses and upcoming live events, just go to the Member Page.

As a final piece of advice, we recommend pacing yourself while you go through the Innercraft content. The main purpose of these teachings is not to become a new intellectual possession/understanding, but to be directly experienced and integrated. Please keep this in mind during your journey.

Foundational Video Courses

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, we recommend starting with the foundational video courses that were developed by each teacher to allow practitioners to learn the fundamentals to enter the training in their traditions. As we have mentioned earlier, the video courses are built upon each other; therefore, starting with the foundational courses below will provide the required background to continue the training:

Within any course, we suggest completing a few initial lessons and experimenting with at least one practice. We want to emphasize that it takes some time and consistent effort to see the benefits of a practice, so please have patience and practice diligently for at least a month before deciding to give up on the practice even if you are not with Innercraft at that point.

Once you have some acquaintance with the teacher/tradition through a video course, we suggest joining the Live Workshop or Live Q&A hosted by that teacher to get additional training and guidance to integrate, deepen, and cultivate your realizations/insights and extend the practice into daily.

Resources Available on Innercraft

We would like to give you a brief overview of all resources available at the Innercraft website as it will enable you to get started and choose an appropriate resource to establish or advance your practice and integrate it into your everyday activities.

Once you are logged in on the website, you will land at the main Member Page and see the following navigation tabs on the navigation menu at top of the screen: Member Page, Teachers, Video Courses, Live Training, Podcast, Blog,  Person Icon, and the Innercraft Logo.

Member Page
This is the main page for members and has the most important resources you need to get you started with training and practice. The Member Page is divided into three sections:

  • Latest Video Courses: This section contains the most recent video courses added to Innercraft by current teachers. To see all the Video Courses available, click on the Video Course Library button at the bottom of this section.
  • Upcoming Live Training: This section contains a subset of the live events that will be hosted on Innercraft. To see the full list, click on the Live Training Calendar button at the bottom of this section.
  • One on One Guidance: A section where you can schedule a private session with a teacher of your choice to get guidance on your practice. Clicking on the teacher’s name will take you to a page where you can schedule a session based on his/her availability.

This page gives an overview of our teachers, including details like their background, tradition, and teaching focus. Clicking on their names will redirect  you to their individual pages, which contain their full bios, information about the teaching approach, two videos about their background and teaching method, as well as the courses they have available on Innercraft.

Our teachers and their teaching frameworks are something that we are the most proud of. Innercraft teachers have been carefully selected to ensure that they have engaged in meditation practice and inner exploration for many years and shaped their lives around the journey of exploring their true nature and awakening. Additionally, they have extensive and rigorous training with teachers from well-regarded and time-tested traditions and/or methods and lifelong personal daily practice. Finally, they have rich teaching experience and have developed teaching frameworks that have been tremendously helpful for their students.

Video Courses
This page contains our entire library of Innercraft video courses. You can click on each of the video courses to get more information, including a course overview video, course structure, and lesson descriptions.

Our teachers developed video courses based on their teaching frameworks as a result of rigorous training in contemplative traditions and insights gained through their own experience. These teachings have been created in a systematic, structured, and comprehensive manner and have been broken down into a series of video courses built upon each other. Subtleties and whys are provided in each course to make your practice more intentional and robust.

Each video course has both theory and practice elements with emphasis on the latter and includes extensive pre-recorded content, meditation instructions/demonstrations, and meditation and inner exploration practices for you to explore on your own.

Live Training
This page contains all the upcoming Live Training events on Innercraft. You have options to view the events in different formats, such as list or calendar view. We offer three categories of events on the platform:

  • Live Workshop: an event in which teachers present a specific topic and engage in discussion with you to help integrate, deepen, and cultivate your realizations/insights and extend the practice into daily life
  • Live Q&A: an event where teachers respond to questions from practitioners regarding any topic related to practice, video course materials, meditation and inner exploration journey, and more  
  • Online Retreat: extended events designed to support practitioners to learn and deepen their practice . The duration of the online retreats will vary from day-long to 7 days

Below the live events calendar, you can find the One-on-One Sessions section. Here you have an option to schedule an on-demand private session with a teacher of your choice to get personalized guidance and cover any practice-related topics that you want.

Each teacher offers one monthly Live Workshop, and one Live Q&A, which are included in your membership. Clicking on those events will take you to the registration page, where you can RSVP free of charge. Attendance for these events is limited to members only.

In addition to the above, teachers will offer for-fee Live Workshops and Online Retreats to provide additional guidance and training opportunities. As a member, you can invite your friends by purchasing additional tickets to for-fee Live Workshops and Online Retreats.

This page contains recorded sessions where we interview teachers across many contemplative traditions who have devoted their lives to rigorous and extensive training, practice, and teaching. Each episode contains powerful and actionable nuggets of wisdom that will help you deepen your practice and bring more of it to your daily life

Here we post articles with the same aim of providing powerful and actionable insights to advance your practice

Person Icon
Using this tab you can access Account, Orders and and Log Out features of the website.

  • Account:  contains information about your profile. Here, you can edit your personal information, payment information and manage your subscriptions.
  • Orders: contains a history of your for-fee live training event purchases.
  • Log out: allows you to sign out from your account.

Innercraft Logo
Clicking the logo will take you back to the Member Page.

Other resources

There is an FAQ tab on the bottom navigation panel of any Innercraft webpage where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Innercraft and its offerings.  

You can also follow us Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to stay up to date on the latest video courses, live training events, podcast/blog updates, practice insights, and more.

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