What is Innercraft?

Innercraft is a platform for in-depth meditation and inner exploration teachings. By in-depth meditation and inner exploration, we mean teachings and practices aimed to help you uncover profound insights about the nature of your consciousness, as opposed to basic mindfulness meditation, which is popular in the West as a method for stress reduction, anxiety relief, and better sleep among others.

How are we different from others?

  • We provide in-depth teachings that can get you beyond basic mindfulness all the way to profound insights about the nature of your consciousness
  • We represent diverse traditions and methods so that you can experiment and select the ones that resonate with you
  • We are not a guided meditation app. We use video courses to provide a more comprehensive and efficient way of learning and practicing. Each course within each tradition/method has both theory and practice elements so that you understand the subtleties and whys behind each technique, making your practice more intentional and robust 
  • Each course within each tradition builds upon the previous one to provide a progressive approach to deepen your practice
  • We carefully selected teachers who have rigorous training in their fields as well as extensive practice and teaching experience. We encourage you to check their profiles and watch their biography and teaching method videos to get a sense of what we are trying to convey
  • We are a “one-stop-shop” to explore the nature of your consciousness. Start by learning and practicing with video courses, deepen your journey via workshops and retreats, and get more personal guidance through one-on-one sessions

Benefits of being an Innercraft Member

As a member, you will have access to meditation and inner exploration teachings that represent different traditions and methods so that you can experiment and dive deep into the ones that resonate with you the most. Within each tradition, you will be able to learn and practice through Video Courses and Live Training Events from teachers who have been carefully selected to ensure they have both extensive and rigorous training and teaching experiences within their traditions. Each teacher will offer:

  • Video Courses
  • Live Workshops and Q&As
  • On-demand One-on-one Sessions
  • Online Retreats   

What is coming next?

Our teachers are working on new video courses that will build upon and complement existing courses to allow you to deepen and advance your practice. You can learn more about the upcoming video courses here.

In addition, we are working to bring more contemplative and wisdom traditions to the platform. In the near future, you can expect video courses and live training events from new teachers who represent a variety of traditions, adding to the diversity of the ones who are currently present on Innercraft.

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