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We are a community of Inner Explorers and meditation practitioners

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Our vision & mission

We have a vision of a world full of joy, fulfillment, and compassion. We believe that by bringing in-depth meditation and inner exploration practices to people, a sense of connection, joy, true freedom, and meaning will arise, allowing them to live their best lives and help those around them to do the same.

Our Values


We bring quality and genuine teachings


Of practices, traditions, methods, teachers and community


Our vision is fueled by a desire for well-being of others


We all support each other


We welcome all backgrounds and all stages of practice


We are not concerned with excessive theory, but encourage practice and exploration

The innercraft story

Our meditation journey started as a way to cope with the demands of the challenging and fast-paced world we live in. We picked up meditation as a tool to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and pursue self-improvement. We learned to meditate through some of the popular meditation and mindfulness apps available in the market today. After some months of consistent practice, we started having glimpses of benefits beyond those that we were initially seeking.

We noticed how our awareness and perception expanded, allowing us to live more fulfilling and engaged lives. We also developed insights about ourselves and our behavior, drastically improving the way we responded to life situations. Finally, we started to get glimpses of the nature of our consciousness and being.

At that point, we realized that meditation apps (which usually stop at the beginner mindfulness level) wouldn’t allow us to keep moving forward towards a deeper exploration of our being, so for the next three years, we tested alternative approaches. We tried out many advanced meditation and inner-exploration traditions and methods. From different types of Buddhist meditation to non-dual practices; from silent meditation retreats to psychedelic retreats; from Kriya Yoga to Qigong; and more. We realized how powerful all these practices can be, and how little they are represented in a world that needs them so much.

It took a lot of time, effort and resources to find great teachings and teachers for several reasons. First, current offerings in the market lack depth or are associated with rituals and beliefs. Second, it is challenging to cut through limitless choices, marketing buzz, and pseudo-experts. Finally, there is no “one-stop-shop” for the modern practitioner, where s/he can learn advanced traditions/methods, in a very practical way, and have guidance from a teacher as needed. We want to make this discovery process easy and accessible for practitioners, as well as to empower them with life-transforming tools. This is why we started Innercraft.

Meet The Founders

Andres Valdivieso

Andres has engaged in different forms of meditation such as Samatha, Vipassana, and Self-inquiry, as well as other somatic practices such as Qigong and Kriya Yoga. These practices opened up a new way of experiencing life for him, one that is more expansive, fulfilling, and compassionate. From a desire to share this gift with the world, Andres left his corporate job at Amazon and co-founded Innercraft.

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Andres Valdivieso
Asyl Innercraft

Asyl Bauyrzhanuly

Asyl started his spiritual journey with Kriya and Tantra yoga traditions, later moving to Samatha, Insight, and Open Awareness meditations. His practice continues to expand his view and helps to constantly refine his perception of life and sense of self, increasing the quality of day-to-day experience for him and people around him. Asyl co-founded Innercraft after years of experience in management consulting and international relations.

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