In-Depth and Personalized Meditation Training

Learn from experienced meditation teachers representing diverse wisdom traditions

In-depth and Personalized Meditation Training

Learn from experienced meditation teachers representing diverse wisdom traditions

Meditation Courses and Personalized Guidance

Establish or advance your practice through a combination of video courses and personalized guidance through live training with teachers

Diverse Methods

Experiment with a variety of methods and techniques, deep dive into the ones you choose, and build a well-rounded practice

In-depth Teachings

Explore teachings and practices that go beyond basic mindfulness and uncover profound insights about the nature of your consciousness

Experienced Meditation Teachers

Learn from carefully selected meditation teachers who have devoted their lives to rigorous and extensive training, practice, and teaching in their method

What we Offer

Shaykh Burhanuddin - Meditation Courses

Meditation Courses

  • Methodical: Systematic, structured, and comprehensive teachings broken down into series of meditation courses
  • Practice-oriented: Each course has both theory and practice elements with emphasis on the latter
  • Demystified: Subtleties and whys are provided to make your practice more intentional and robust

Live Virtual Training

  • Workshops: Further advance your practice through monthly talks hosted by each of our teachers
  • Q&As: Ask our teachers questions about the content taught in the meditation courses,  your practice, or meditation in general
  • Guided Classes: Build consistency in your practice by joining our follow-along classes of meditation, qigong, and more. 
  • Retreats: Deepen your practice in both online and in-person retreats.
Meido Moore - Live Training Events
Video Call with meditation teacher

One on One Guidance

  • Customized: Receive personalized guidance from the meditation teacher and method of your choice
  • Efficient: Learn the basics through our video courses, practice on your own, and work with a teacher to further refine your practice
  • Accelerated: Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes to expedite your progress

Learn and Practice Together

Access A space to connect with practitioners from Diverse Traditions and Backgrounds


Forge meaningful friendships and share this profound journey we are all going through

Practice Together

Join group meditation rooms and practice with others


Share perspectives regarding teachings Innercraft's video courses, live workshops, and more


Get clarity, motivation, and guidance from an engaged and diverse community of practitioners.

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