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The headless Way – Guided Experiments & Meetup – December

Join us in this practice-oriented but casual workshop led by Richard Lang. Here, we will explore different guided, unorthodox and simple pointing experiments aimed to remind us who we are, and who we are not. We will also have the chance to ask questions and share our experiences. This meetup is an opportunity to effortlessly revisit our true nature and connect with each other.

Q&A with Meido Moore Roshi – December

Join Meido Roshi as he speaks on various aspects of Zen Buddhist practice: meditation, body and breath cultivation, koan training, and readings from texts of the great masters. Talks conclude with open discussion.

Purpose of our life journey

According to Sufi Cosmology, there are 144 possibilities that your life journey can unfold into and all of these paths are meant for humankind to awaken. As we will discuss, what matters is not the path itself but what you make out of it.