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Rinzai Zen Dharma Talk – June

Join Meido Roshi as he speaks on various aspects of Zen Buddhist practice: meditation, body and breath cultivation, koan training, and readings from texts of the great masters. Talks conclude with open discussion. Bring your questions! 

Why Our Actions Matter

Scientific disciplines study external systems of cause and effect, while Buddhism investigates the more subtle levels of cause and effect—how our mental, verbal, and physical actions shape our experiences of happiness and suffering. In this talk, Venerable Tenzin Tsepal will outline some basic principles of the law of karma, and emphasize how to put this into practice in our everyday lives for greater happiness, well-being, and satisfaction.

The Zero Point

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani used to say, “I have a factory of zeros”. This points to the objective of a dervish, which is to reach the “zero point”: a center of gravity where other forces have no influence, where the Heart and the mind are aligned, the point you start to live a life from the heart.

Meditation Practice Q&A

Bring your most burning questions and ask them to Tina Rasmussen in this Live Q&A session. Questions can be about any topic related to practice, video course materials, meditation, inner exploration journey, and more. If you don’t have specific questions, we still encourage you to join, as you can learn valuable insights from the teacher’s responses.