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Seeing Your True Nature - Richard Lang


In this episode, I’m joined by spiritual teacher Richard Lang. Richard was a student of Douglas Harding, author of “on having no head” and the founder of a contemplation method called The Headless Way. As Richard describes it, The Headless Way is a modern way of seeing our true nature, the limitless ’space’ we are looking out of. Richard has been practicing and sharing the Headless Way for over fifty years now, and has also written several books about it. His mission is to make seeing our true nature as widely available as possible.

In this interview, Richard Lang talks about his journey prior to encountering the headless way, how his desire for awakening evolved over time, What The Headless Way is and how it works, and how we can incorporate frequent moments of seeing our true nature in the middle of daily life, the relationship between love, compassion and the headless way,  and more. He also conducts an experiment for the audience, in which he attempts to make us realize what our First-person experience is actually like.

Topics Covered

00:00 – Episode introduction
01:38 -Richard’s journey prior to encountering The Headless Way
10:01 -How Richard’s desire for awakening evolved over time
13:41 – Is realizing your true nature something you can deepen and realize “better”?
17:39 – Does a practitioner need to validate their realization with someone else? What are the risks?
23:36 – Why do some people “get it” or realize their true nature, and some people don’t?
27:28 – Is there any point in practicing?
30:01 – “Who am I” and Stages in life: baby, adult, and seer.
42:06 – The functions and applications of The Headless Way in daily life
48:41 – Love and Compassion flowing naturally
52:47 – Using the senses in particular ways to access your deeper nature
57:19 – Live experiment for listeners to try
1:11:53 – Ways to get in touch with Richard, and other Headless Way practitioners

Guest Bio

My name is Richard Lang and I have been involved with the Headless Way for over fifty years. When I was a teenager I was interested in finding out who I really was and by chance one day found myself in a workshop with Douglas Harding, author of On Having No Head. Douglas took me and the other participants through some of his experiments and we all saw our True Nature. Douglas extended a hand of friendship to anyone interested in the Headless Way, so I began visiting him and over the years made many friends who value this direct method of Awakening. One of the things I have learned is that it is very helpful to have friends with whom I can share this Awareness, or Seeing as we call it. I recommend connecting up with other Seers. The Seeing is infectious.

As well as practicing this Way, I was personally drawn to sharing it. So over the years, I have given many workshops. I also set up a charitable trust to help make available this modern method of seeing Who we really are. We offer many things on our website, on our YouTube channel, and publish practically all of Douglas Harding’s books. We also offer zoom meetings where people can get to know other Seers. Our ambition is to make Seeing as widely available as possible. This is why we are happy to be part of InnerCraft.

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