Meditation, Life, Music & Movement – GuruViking aka Steve James

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Meditation, Life, Music & Movement - GuruViking aka Steve James


In this episode, I’m joined by GuruViking aka Steve James, host of the Guru Viking Podcast and creator of the Movement Koan Method. Steve has extensive experience in elite athletic performance, contemplative and spiritual disciplines, extreme outdoor survival, the arts, and human behavior.

In this conversation, Steve and I talk about life in general, and how meditation fits in it. We discuss his goals and learnings in The Guru Viking Podcast, Steve’s upbringing and how he got started in meditation, his approach towards spiritual practice, the intersection between meditation, music and movement practices, The Movement Koan Method, and more.

Topics Covered

0:00 – Episode Intro
2:10 – The Guru Viking Podcast: origins and vision going forward
4:45 – Steve’s learnings from conducting The Guru Viking Podcast
13:30 – Steve’s current main priorities, activities and hobbies
24:51 – The intersection of music and meditation
37:00 – Steve’s background and how he got started in contemplative practices
51:50 – Steve’s goals and intentions regarding meditation/spirituality
58:44 – How formal sitting meditation impacts Steve’s life experience
01:07:55 – Meditation in daily activity
01:17:35 – Steve’s current daily meditation practice
01:23:29 – Relationship with daily activities that can be detrimental to meditation practice
01:35:00 – The intersection of movement, somatic practices and meditation
01:47:55 – The Movement Koan Method: nourishing the joints and bringing awareness to subtle body sensations.


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