The Headless Way – Guided Experiments #1 – Richard Lang

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The Headless Way – Guided Experiments #1 - Richard Lang


In this workshop, Richard Lang guides us through different guided, unorthodox and simple pointing experiments aimed to remind us who we are, and who we are not. This session with Richard felt like a natural and consistent revisiting of our true nature. It was very practice-oriented, but at the same time, felt effortless and was very enjoyable. We recommend not only watching the recording, but actually following along and doing the experiments.

Guest Bio

Richard Lang was student of Douglas Harding, author of “on having no head” and the founder of a contemplation method called The Headless Way. As Richard describes it, The Headless Way is a modern way of seeing our true nature, the limitless ’space’ we are looking out of. Richard has been practicing and sharing the Headless Way for over fifty years now, and has also written several books about it. His mission is to make seeing our true nature as widely available as possible.

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