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Our Role as Spiritual Practitioners in a World in Crisis

One only has to read the news for a few minutes, to feel that the level of multiple crises in the world is greater than it has been in recent history. As spiritual practitioners, what is our role in this world in crisis? How can we engage with physical reality without shutting down and lose hope (delusion), resorting to anger / judgement / fear (aversion), or just staying “head down” in our lives and trying to get more for ourselves to feel safe (desire)? It is Tina’s (and many teachers’) belief that those of us who are actively working to disengage from our defilements and cultivate opening to our deeper nature, are offsetting the seeming regression of consciousness in the broader world today. By holding our deeper Ground and overcoming the overwhelm, it is possible for us to positively effect the collective consciousness of Being. Join Tina in this discussion of our role in helping humanity-and ourselves--through this difficult time.


Q&A with Meido Moore Roshi

Bring your most burning questions and ask them to Meido Moore Roshi in this Live Q&A session. Questions can be about any topic related to practice, Rinzai Zen in general, video course materials, meditation, the spiritual journey, and more. We encourage participants to come with at least one question.


From Small to Big

Seeing the bigger picture is often advised, but to get the bigger picture, we need first to understand it's foundational, smaller elements. In this session, we are going to talk about how to focus on details that matter and understand their impact so we can develop the capacity to deal with bigger issues in life.